Corien Potgieter

B Proc LLB LLM(Corp Law) PGDLL
  • Corien is one of the founder member of the firm and holds a 40% interest therein. She has an established client base and is an established attorney and litigator with over 20 years experience. Corien is a former director of the firm Cliff, Dekker, Hofmeyer and has also gained specialist experience with the former firm Bell, Dewar and Hall. Corien however enjoys the working environment of a smaller firm where she is able to devote her attention to the broad spectrum of her clients’ legal requirements and to apply her broad skill set.
  • She is an active member of the South African Society of Labour Lawyers and has successfully completed many Labour Court trials without the assistance of counsel. Corien enjoys attending to all aspects of litigation. This aside, Ms Potgieter is an established commercial attorney. During her career she has been involved in many law changing court cases and has represented numerous large corporates. During 2016 Corien successfully served as an acting judge in the Labour Court.
  • Corien is married to Frits Potgieter, has two children and loves to be active in her free time. Many people are unaware that Corien is an avid sportswoman and that she set the 100m national hurdling record 4 times between 1997/98 and that she won the World Masters Weightlifting Championships in 2016 for her weight category.