Welcome to Brand Potgieter Inc.

Brand Potgieter Attorneys commenced trading as Lamberti Potgieter Inc. on 1 September 2011. After trading for some time as Corien Potgieter Inc, the firm was rebranded in October 2016 to Brand Potgieter Inc following the very successful addition of Christopher Brand as a partner. We are a young and dynamic law firm which practices successfully in a contemporary South Africa. The sole and self-explanatory emphasis of the firm, which is aligned to its mission statement, is to render efficient legal services at competitive rates. It is this emphasis which has resulted in all members and employees being focused solely on "getting a job well done".

Our . Approach.

This is where you can insert a segment of your company profile: You are free to utilise this area to communicate your mission statement, values and approach to business. At Brand Potgieter we do not just believe in getting the job done but continually strive to get it done well. We do this by:

  • Recognising that clients are central to our practice and ensuring that client input is obtained on a continuous basis throughout the process.
  • Placing emphasis on attaining the best economic and/or business outcome for our clients, after taking into consideration all of the relevant circumstances.
  • Monitoring the quality of our services across the board and holding regular training and information sessions attended by practitioners to ensure that all members of the firm remain abreast of the latest developments in the ever changing environment of South African law. Professionals are encouraged to increase skills and specialist knowledge continually and are required to remain abreast of the latest applicable legislation, case law and practice directives.